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What We Do

The concept of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Museum began with the growing need to preserve the origins of T&T’s tangible and intangible Carnival assets including (but not limited to) historical documentation, images, art, music, film, instruments, costumes, cultural artifacts, and information. The TTCM is focused on educating and entertaining its visitors through our rich and diverse cultural heritage and artforms. In this single space, “The Home For Carnival” will serve to document and curate our history and development of our carnival art forms. It is an opportunity to expose the world to the rich traditions of our indigenous art forms.

The museum will be a tool to educate future generations on our history and an avenue for keeping the skills associated with the art forms of Carnival alive.

Aims and Objectives of the Museum

  1. To be an educational and research institution where students, practitioners, artistes, researchers and enthusiasts can access authentic information on our Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

  2. To Be the Physical and Virtual/Digital archive for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

  3. To preserve the origins of the TT Carnival and TT-styled Carnivals globally.

  4. To communicate and share Trinidad and Tobago Carnival in an engaging, interactive, and memorable way to all identified Publics/Audiences.

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