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A Home for T&T Carnival

Special thanks are extended to the team at the Morning Brew show on CNC3 for today's interview with host Jason Williams. The T&T Carnival Museum (TTCM) was represented by Steering Committee member and Project Manager Mr. Hasani Wattley, who kicked off the TTCM's communications campaign.

The creation of a space for the preservation, archiving, research and communication of T&T Carnival is long overdue. There is now an opportunity to create a central archive and museum space dedicated our cultural festival, which has been in existence for over 200 years. The TTCM will be the new collective "Home" for Carnival's history, arts, innovations and more.

In a symbolic handover, the First Citizens Foundation (FCF) awarded the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Museum (TTCM), a non-profit company, the use of its historic Charlotte Street branch, also known as the “Penny Bank” for the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Museum (TTCM).

Click here to view the full interview.


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